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Jasbir Jassi who has given some of the most lovable songs to Punjabi Music Industry and a couple of good songs in Bollywood is back with a bang, well.. not literally though. It's his new album Jassi - Back with a Bang, we"ll have to find out whether the title actually justifies the content...

The album opens with a pop song Mehndi which has music by Stevan Farr & lyrics by Jassi himself, this peppy song has some groovy variations throughout and one gets so engaged when the chorus starts. However, the lyrics are plain ordinary and one wonders what the aim of the song was, is it just a peppy disco song which would last for a few seasons at the weddings or Jassi wanted to revisit his old days of Nishani Pyar Di. Average

The second song is Bang which also happens to be the title track. The music of this traditional folk song is given by Jeff Bhasker. It's another average song which would last the music scene for some time and fade out with time. Jassi recites the traditional boliyan of Punjab but what stand outs here is the music, its brilliant and can work wonders in the party scene. Average

Its been a little disappointing so far, lets find out what Jassi has to offer now.

The third track is Kalaria. Just 10 seconds into the the track and you know THIS IS IT. The music by Jeff Bhasker & Adam Deitch is amazing and the lyrics by Param Pal Sandhu are mesmerizing. The use of guitar and other electronic instruments along with Jassi's classic voice makes it the second best track of the album. This is one track which has fusion, rock, Punjabi tadka and whatnot. Excellent (Must Listen)

What follows is another melody Khusro. This Amir Khusrow dedicated Qawwali is the best song now with amazing music by Hamza & Jassi himself. One can see the hard work that Jassi has put up in this song (particularly), be it the music or the vocals (especially the alaap). Excellent (Must Listen)

The amazing song list continues with the fifth track Mela. The starting vocals by Jassi are amazing work of diction & reminds you about the old legendary songs. The rap by CX is strictly okay. Lyrics by Jassi is better this time and the song itself is better than the 1st two tracks and shall be given an ear by Music lovers. Good

The next track is Jattiyan with music by Steven Farr and Lyrics by Gurpreet Ghuggi (Surprised?). Jattiyan is a slow musical extravaganza. It is one track which shall be remembered for the great music & Jassi's singing. Good

The seventh track is Gali Gali, another Amir Khusro track with music by Hamza & Jassi. The song starts as plain normal and one wonders why is Jassi messing up again with normal Sukhwinder Singh kind of tracks but just 1 minute into the track and you realize that Jassi has hit the jackpot again. This is one song with beautiful music & powerful singing backing it. It's a learning experience for the music lovers around the world. Its the best track in terms of the lyrics. Though, one wonders if the music could have been better but lets give it a benefit of doubt. Excellent (Must Listen)

Next up is the eighth track Baliye with music by Jeff Bhasker and lyrics by Jassi himself. Baliye is a sad track with nice lyrics with a lots of variation in the music and shall cater to the sad music lovers. Average.

The last track is Pia with music by Steven Farr & lyrics by Gurpreet Ghuggi. This is another sad slow song but is better than the previous song and should cater to most music lovers. Good.

Overall, the album has its share of ups & lows, songs like Kalaria, Khusro & Gali Gali shall cater to the world audience. For the party buffs, songs like Mehndi, Bang & Mela shall not disappoint and for the sad song lovers, Pia & Baliye shall be a real treat.

We wish Jassi had sticked to just one world, either the World audience or Punjabi audience. Nevertheless, it is a commendable fusion of both and a learning experience for the youth of Punjab.

Rating: *** (Good)

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